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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Continuing from my previous article on Semantic Search Engine, I would like to elaborate further on the SenseBot search engine

One might ask what technology does it use, well it uses a semantic search engine, in other words it attempts to understand what the result pages are about that uses text mining to parse Web pages and identify their key semantic concepts. More often it performs multi document summarization of content to produces a coherent summary. And also the purpose of the semantic search engine which uses the concept of the dot-com bubble that gets 10 links of context. Anyway trying to understand dot-com bubble you would have click on the links some of the pages you might have been familiar but others might have been too shallow, biased or just wayward links to other resources and not based precisely on the questions only leading to redundant information.

In order to save time you might as well click at SenseBot which is one final link and receive a precise summary compared to dot.com.bubble. The SenseBot actually generates a summary from the top most relevant pages on the subject. By then you would have got some ideas about dot.com bubble phenomenon and understand the model and decide which sources you want to know deeper. But the SenseBot will drop the sources that are shallow on the content relevant to the topic. In accessing the SenseBot you not only saving time and effort by also providing the right source by the first click and the summary may revel to you which of the sources are worth drilling further for a precise answer which can be used in search on education, learning, medical queries, business intelligence and news analysis. Basically we can conclude that SenseBot is a rescuer who understand a concept or a particular area of knowledge, or get a digest on a person, an event, an activity that identifies quickly the best source of information on the topic.

Currently we are continuously working on improvement of the quality of the summaries. We have a number of Products based on the technologies used in SenseBot.

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URL : http://www.sensebot.net/about.htm

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